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Why Digital Marketers Need to Consider Using Instagram

Adam Drybrough

Based in Calgary, Adam Drybrough is a self-employed business consultant who provides services to landowners and real estate developers. In addition, Adam Drybrough leverages extensive experience in search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing to help companies drive growth. Today, digital marketers have a number of different networks to use, and an often-overlooked one is Instagram.

While Facebook is admittedly a bigger network, the impact of Instagram is growing. Over the last four years, organic marketing reach for Instagram has increased by 115 percent. During the same time period, Facebook’s research actually fell by 63 percent. According to statistics, a brand’s Facebook post only reaches about 6 percent of total followers. On the other hand, Instagram posts generally reach 100 percent of followers. Despite these numbers, only about a third of marketers use Instagram while nearly all use Facebook.
Instagram also offers greater opportunity for engagement. Research has shown that Instagram followers engage about 58 percent more than Facebook followers. Furthermore, more than double the percentage of Instagram users regularly engage with brands compared to the Facebook numbers.

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