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Travel Tip - Separate Your Valuables

Adam Drybrough

Adam Drybrough works as a development and business strategy consultant for a range of businesses and landowners. When Adam Drybrough is not working, he likes to travel.

Few things can ruin a trip quicker than getting pickpocketed. Unfortunately for travelers, pickpocketing is a real threat and often occurs in tourist-heavy areas. One of the best ways to mitigate your risk is to spread out your valuables instead of keeping them all in one pocket or another central location.

When it comes to cash, only keep a small amount in an easily accessible location like your wallet. Keep the rest separated and hidden somewhere impractical for a pickpocket to reach. The same goes for your credit cards, debit cards, ID, passport, and phone. While separating your belongings will not necessarily protect you from pickpockets, it will help ensure they get away with only a portion of your valuables, if any.
It is also smart to only carry with you what you think you will need. Leave the rest of your cash, cards, and important documents in a secure location, like a hotel room safe.

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