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How Boat Weighting Affects a Wake for Wakesurfing

Adam Drybrough

An experienced business consultant, Adam Drybrough helps companies achieve optimal digital marketing to drive growth. Recreationally, Adam Drybrough enjoys a variety of extreme sports, from skydiving to wakesurfing. The sport of wakesurfing involves using a board to trail the wake behind a boat without actually being pulled by the boat.

Because the size and shape of the wake is so important, individuals need to think about weighting in the boat. When weight is placed in the front of the boat, a long wake without much height is created. Weight focused on the back of the boat results in a high wake that does not stretch far behind the boat.
When wakesurfing, only one side of the wake is being used so individuals should focus weight on that side to get an ideal height. To increase weight, individuals can use ballasts. Some boats have ballasts built into the floor, but ballast bags are usually available for purchase, as well. These bags are filled with water to concentrate weight in a particular area.
Generally, wakesurfers want a large ballast in the back corner to create a deep wake, and a smaller ballast in the front to smooth and lengthen the wake. When thinking about ballasts, it is important to consider the number and configuration of passengers in the boat, as they will also affect the weighting.

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