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Client Support Services Offered by the ALS Society of Alberta

Adam Drybrough

Since 2010, Adam Drybrough has worked as a business strategy and growth hacking consultant for company brands, landowners, and developers. Adam Drybrough also supports the ALS Society of Alberta and has served on the organizing committee for the nonprofit’s Betty’s Run event.

Dedicated to helping individuals who are affected by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), the ALS Society of Alberta helps clients throughout the province with a wide range of services. These support services cover everything from support groups and referrals to provision of care and facilitation. Clients receive guidance as they navigate the health care system and are given access to ALS clinics that prepare them for the various stages of the disease. The ALS Society of Alberta also provides clients with information about ALS and assists individuals with either finding or creating a support group.
In addition to helping clients find support and navigate the system, the ALS Society of Alberta provides home visits. Staff members frequently stay connected to clients and their families over the course of ALS treatment and provide support when necessary.

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